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Why Isagenix?

There are so many supplement choices, so many products, and it can get down right confusing!

The overwhelming choices and wrong information can not only put a large dent in your pocketbook but it can give you false hope, disappointment, and worse case – even make you sick. There are more bad supplements than great ones but when you find the “great ones” they CAN enhance things.

Why I choose to share Isagenixliz-smile danskin now

Isagenix is one of the “great ones.” 99% of their products are gluten free, and ALL of their products are soy free, and void of artificial flavors and colors.  As a whole, they are quality products that are more natural than many popular supplements out there.

When I DO use supplements, Isagenix is the primary brand I choose to use. I have been a user of many of the Isagenix products for 2 years now.

Isagenix is the ideal quality 

Even though I believe that REAL food is best when compared to ‘meal replacements’, I do recognize that always having to eat real food is a key factor that holds many people back from achieving their goals. Convenience is a huge variable and I have actively searched for a quality meal replacement shake that I would feel comfortable suggesting to people that need it. The Isagenix meal replacement shakes are the closest ones I have found to mimicking the nutrition I would ideally like to see in a meal.

Isagenix allows me to connect with other like minded health oriented people

Being involved with Isagenix is a way to CONNECT on another level with like minded “health conscious” individuals.  This gives me an opportunity to work on a professional level with many of my clients, friends and social media followers!

I have a strong 6 year sales and marketing training background and I love working with others to help them become their best physically, mentally, and professionally (in a career sense).  I love the empowerment aspect of running your own business.

liz-sitting danskin nowI have been successful with Super Sister Fitness and people always ask me how to start and profit from their own business. Isagenix provides a platform to help you do just that! The income you make just SHARING what you use with your friends and contacts is not something to turn your nose up at!

Isagenix provides a great residual income and creates millionaires

No shame in this game! I like the residual income aspect! Actually, I LOVE the residual aspect. Who wouldn’t? You continue to get paid for sharing quality products you love and believe in with others.

I do not use every Isagenix product, and I do not market them as ‘cure all magic pills’ either.  I use quite a few of their products and they are great supplements to my daily nutrition and workout routines.  Sharing that information with others, and helping them get in shape and reach their goals is great, but why not take it a step further and help others create a residual income stream from sharing something they are passionate about – health, nutrition, and fitness.

Isagenix has created new friendships for me!

The health and fitness industry is VERY competitive. Why work against others when you can work WITH them? I love that Isagenix allows me to work in a positive way with many other like-minded individuals sharing a similar message. I have become great friends with many health and business minded individuals through Isagenix.Liz Germain Super Sister Fitness

The products that I personally use/recommend from Isagenix are:

Meal Replacement Shakes: Both the PRO (which I use) and the LEAN which I have suggested. These are ideal for those on the go, or those that want the sheer simplicity of drinking a shake to get the nutrition they need in a quick meal.

Plant based VEGAN Berry powder the IDEAL for vegans, vegetarians and those with food allergies and intolerance’s. There is NO soy in these and they taste AMAZING.

E+ Energy Shots. YES, caffeine has a place in my diet. I love it. It speeds up my metabolism and it keeps me energized and allows me to push harder during my workouts. Green tea or coffee can be ideal for most mornings, but I like something with a bit more oomph pre-workout.  I am a fan of b-vitamins and caffeine and that is EXACTLY what E+ is. No other junk or artificial chemicals added.

IsaDelights – Green Tea infused chocolatesGreen tea is not a magic potion by any means but the health benefits have been thoroughly researched as green tea has been shown to slow the effects of aging and even cancer growth. I drink green tea daily as it also has some natural caffeine.liz-danskin-white

That said, what is better than green tea?  How about green tea infused in CHOCOLATE! Brilliant!  I keep these tasty chocolate squares in my freezer and when those afternoon cravings strike, I am ready!  Not only are they incredibly tasty, but myself and many of my clients have noticed that these really help to control hunger and cravings.

IsaFruits- Concentrated FRUITS without the sugar. IsaFruits takes the best nutrients from fruit minus a large part of the calories and sugar.  I usually drink a scoop first thing in the morning as it is a GREAT way to jump start the day and get some super food nutrients into your body.  Don’t eat a lot of fruit?  It is an easy alternative for getting your daily intake of fruit while boosting your energy levels and helping your body operate to it’s potential.

Cleanse For Life I am not a “cleanse fast” fan but I AM a fan of drinking a natural daily cleanse supplement. I use one scoop of the Cleanse For Life daily.

Multi Vitamin– A good multi vitamin is like an insurance plan. I advise getting most of your nutrition through proper nutrition, but a vitamin supplement can be good insurance. If your body does not use the vitamins, the excess will merely be excreted. Taking a quality vitamin pack morning and night ensures that I am getting ALL of the nutrients that I need when I need them. The vitamins I personally use morning and evening are the Isagenix brand.

IsaFlush- When you gotta go you gotta go! BUT, for those who have trouble, I recommend Isa Flush.  Isa Flush has herbs that will naturally help make you regular! Combine that with Fiber Pro and that is a winning combination for staying regular.

Those are the main products I use on a daily and regular basis Remember- Supplements are meant to SUPPLEMENT your diet and hard work. They are not meant to REPLACE it. That was a list of what I personally use from Isagenix and suggest to those who ask.

To learn more about Isagenix go HERE to join our ISAGENIX team and work directly with me email us at contact(AT) supersisterfitness(DOT)com attn. LIZ

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