How to Sleep Better

Many people’s automatic assumption about lowering body fat and getting fit is that the more they do, the better results they’ll get. On the contrary, without a structured plan that enables ample recovery time, doing more can sometimes lead to overtraining, possible injuries and sub-optimal results. Most of the “magic” in body transformation happens overnight. While your body is at rest, its repairing itself from daily stresses and your strength workouts. That’s why it’s ultra important that you get enough restful sleep every night. Doing so will help you avoid getting sick, will shorten your recovery times, and will keep you healthy year-round feeling full of energy at all times.

These are our actual bedrooms. Can you guess whose is whose? We make it a priority to invest in quality bedding because time spent in bed adds up to one third of your entire life! Sleeping well is a must if you’re to embrace a truly healthy lifestyle. Here are our Top Ten Tips to help you sleep better so you can get maximum results from your time clocked at the gym:

  1. Always aim for 6-8 hours of sleep each night.
  2. Even if you can’t afford a nice mattress, invest in a quality mattress topper; your bed should be super comfortable to you and you should not feel like you’re “tossing and turning” throughout the night just to get comfortable.
  3. Support your body with proper pillows: We are both side-lying sleepers, so we “hug” a pillow at night to help support our shoulders and hips; doing so helps keep the spine in alignment overnight. If you sleep on your back, consider placing a pillow underneath your knees to take stress off your lower back.
  4. Make sure your sleeping area is calm, relaxing and clean: A messy space can be stressful, and that’s the last thing you want on your mind before bed.
  5. Wash your bedding regularly, especially your pillow cases, to help avoid excess bacterial buildup that can lead to breakouts or other hygiene concerns.
  6. Avoid bright screens like computers, phones or TVs at least 2 hours before bed; try reading a book or Kindle instead.
  7. Avoid drinking alcohol before bed; even wine inhibits REM sleep, the restorative sleep your body needs to repair itself. If you do have a glass with dinner, follow it up with a glass of water.
  8. Invest in new pillows that properly support your head and neck. If you’re still using the same pillow you were using 5-10 years ago, it’s time for a new one…
  9. Consider taking a hot bath or shower before bed to help your muscles unwind and your mind relax.
  10. Make sure your room is a cool, quiet, dark enough environment that will allow effortless rest. We also are big advocates of leaving the shades open, because natural sunlight helps stimulate hormones in the morning that signal your body it’s time to wake up.

Try some of these ideas tonight so you can have a lovely, well-rested holiday weekend! Leave a comment if you have other tips and tricks, we’d love to hear your thoughts or see what your rooms look like too!