You Are Beautiful The Way You Are

As I was getting ready today, I thought to myself about wearing this white dress that I love. Even though I’m not 100% comfortable wearing it, I confidently left the house with my mother to walk around some shops by the beach. Instantly, I was swarmed with compliments from strangers walking by on the street, and I thought to myself it’s so crazy the thoughts we let go through our minds about our bodies, especially as women. As I had these thoughts I coincidently saw this sign in the window and had a good chuckle. We are repeatedly hammered with images from the media everywhere we go about what “beauty” is, and messages that this “beauty” determines your self-worth. I say screw that! We are all beautiful, and beauty comes in all forms – not in one square box that is pushed upon us to conform to. I’ve learned that I am the only one responsible in feeling good about myself, and this allows me to live presently, in the moment, and experience all life has to offer. So we challenge you, as other women, to embrace your inner goddess, to not let your insecurities get in the way of life, and to know you are perfect just the way you are  <3

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