White Collar Wednesday – Wrist Problems

Plenty of Americans find excuses for why living a physically active lifestyle is just “not for them.” Especially as our society makes major gains in technology and shifts towards increasingly digital work spaces, more individuals find themselves trapped behind a desk all day, staring at computer screens for long periods of time with what seems to be “no time or energy” left to take care of their physical body.

But this is, simply put, a load of crap. There are many ways to overcome the physical adversities of a chair-bound job. The best and simplest piece of advice we can give is to take frequent breaks. Sound counterproductive? It’s not. Making time to take care of your body is both necessary and beneficial.

As American healthcare progressively shifts its emphasis towards preventative services, more companies everywhere are recognizing the wealth of benefits associated with keeping their employees in top-notch health. Many have consequently established preventative health & wellness programs for their staff or created “rewards” programs for healthy behaviors. If your company has not yet implemented a program of this type, follow our White Collar Wednesday series to learn a few easy ways you can help prevent the development of musculoskeletal problems caused by the workplace.


We have compiled a list of statistics that we found particularly alarming (see above). Our White Collar Wednesday series, designed specifically with all you office workers in mind, will address one of each of these frightening facts every week by providing a simple preventative tip. Apply it to your 9-5 grind and keep yourself from becoming a part of the statistic.

Be the change you wish to see. Start today and share this info with anyone to whom it applies!