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Day 5 – Today’s instructions and a new healthy recipe video!

Day 5 has arrived!

WOOHOO! 5 days gone, 5 more to go.
You’re doing an incredible job so far. Go find a mirror, smile, raise your left hand up in the air and give yourself a high five.
Seriously, go do it right now.
Did you do it? Did it make you giggle a little? This is the kind of attitude you want! This is the kind of attitude that WORKS!
Happy, positive, congratulatory and encouraging. Don’t be your own worst critic — be your own best friend!
Today, friends, is all about rest and recovery. 🙂
Active rest days are a vital part of any exercise program. Taking a day off of intense workouts provides both physiological and psychological benefits.
Long story short, without rest days, you cannot progress. 
Too much intensity or too little recovery time can blunt your progress, leading you straight to plateau city. A “rest day” doesn’t mean you should sit on the couch all day either though. 
We recommend “Active Rest” days because it’s always beneficial to stay limber and keep your blood circulating somehow with a bit of light activity every day. But there’s no need to do a structured strength training or interval workout today.
Keep the day simple, low intensity and laid back.
You’ve got to give your body time to repair any tissue damage you incurred during your previous workouts. 
An important part of this process is also to ensure you’re getting 7-8 hours of quality sleep per night. Keep reading below for some helpful, natural sleep aids to try tonight. 
Oh btw, how have your 3 S.M.A.R.T goals been going so far? Are they still posted somewhere you see them every day? Do you maybe need to reevaluate what you wrote, or readjust your behaviors to make the remaining 5 days count?
Lots of people wait around for something to change in their lives, hoping things will magically get better on their own somehow… but not you.
You know that sustainable progress takes smart, calculated effort combined with the correct mental attitude and positive group support.
We already know you’re a GO GETTER or else you wouldn’t be here reading these words.
You’re on exactly the right track, so enjoy your well-earned rest day! 🙂

Stay sweet,
The Super Sisters

NSCA-Certified Personal Trainers
Creators of The Super System
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New Recipe Video

Join Sara in the kitchen to create healthy gluten- & grain-free Protein Pancakes by watching the video above
Pancakes are a universal breakfast food that everyone loves ~ lucky for you they are so easy to make in a healthy way! 🙂
Grab a friend, kiddo or wing it solo and create a protein-packed meal that’s good any time of day.
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Today’s Workout
Nada! No workout today. You’ve got an active recovery day so do some light stretching, take a walk, play with your kids or just fully rest and plan to get back at it tomorrow.

Today’s Assignment

If you struggle with weekend eating, and each time Monday rolls around you find yourself “starting all over again,” you must READ THIS!
Weekends add up to over 12 days per month (that’s almost one half of the entire month!), and that adds up fast if you find yourself binging on junk food all weekend. Read our tips above to stay healthy and fit, even on the weekends. 
In addition, your assignment today is to ensure you’re getting enough quality sleep each night (7-8 hours per night).Try the following strategies if you’re having trouble getting enough rest:

  • Take a bubble bath before bed
  • Enjoy something lavender scented (lavender is said to be very soothing & relaxing)
  • Make some decaf tea ~ We enjoy peppermint tea to help aid sleep
  • Lights out by 9pm! This goes for computers, cell phone screens, and anything that is backlit… too much ocular stimulation right before bed can interfere with sleep patterns
  • Avoid alcohol before you sleep, especially wines ~ Alcohol prevents you from being able to go into deep, restorative sleep cycles
  • Read a good book, even if you don’t like reading. The repetitive eye movements of reading text across a page helps to relax you and make your eyes feel heavy
  • Put on your fav comfy PJs and make sure your bed sheets are washed regularly!

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