Do Anywhere Workout

The “Anywhere” Workout | 1 Week Workout Schedule, No Equipment Needed!

Do Anywhere WorkoutTraveling? On vacation? Staying somewhere without a gym?

It would be impossible to stay on track if you absolutely *needed* exercise equipment to workout. Fortunately for all of us, we’ve already got one of the BEST pieces of equipment for fat burning and body sculpting already staring us right in the face!

It’s our own bodyweight!

Using your body to strengthen your body is one of the most intelligent decisions you can make. 

Whether you’re on-the-go, tight on time, or just looking to switch things up this week to try a new challenge, this “Anywhere” Workout is for you. 

Simply Pin the image to the left or print it out and cross each day off as you go! 

If you’re traveling, you can also save the image to your phone for easy access. 

Make sure to always do a 3-5 Minute Warmup before completing any workout, maintain proper form throughout every exercise, and always check with your local physician before starting a new workout routine to ensure the exercises are suitable for you. 

After that, all you have to do is show up each day with a smile!


Your trainers,

Liz & Sara Germain
NSCA-CPTs & Pn1 Nutrition Specialists