Transformation Tuesday: Dishing with Donna!

What a transformation! Check out Donna, one of the sweetest women we have met so far on this fitness path. Through clean eating and exercise, she has dropped 25 lbs. and is feeling better than ever!! We applaud you Donna! As an exclusive Food & Wine Radio host in Atlanta, she works closely with the Food Network, Cooking Channel, Bravo, HBO, Atlanta Braves, and more.

“You see, I’m only 5 feet tall. I’m short little thing. And exactly 5 years ago when I got my radio gig … and started EATING FOR A CAREER now, I easily and quickly gained 30 pounds. Maybe more. I got depressed, despite loving my job. But have stayed very overweight (especially for my height) all these years. Until …………… the turn of 2013. I decided enough was enough, if the world is on a lean-n-mean phenomenon these days, then I can still eat out as my job entails (local restaurant critic) and still do all my cooking experiments at home – on a healthier side, while still eating hearty and feeling full!”

Donna is now on the path to living a much healthier lifestyle, something that has become even more important to her as she helps her father cope with heart disease (something we both did too, read more about our story here). She says changing her lifestyle is helping her feel better every day, and that “following people like YOU LADIES is super helpful in terms of motivation and daily inspiration! I love your story. I love following you on Instagram. And, I would like to interview you on my radio show.”

Wait, wh-wh-what?! That’s right! She interviewed us on The Dishing With Donna Show, where she covers hot topics in food, fitness and the culinary arts. Listen to our radio segment by clicking the link below (skip ahead to 22:24 for our segment):

The Donna Show featuring The Super Sisters

Her closing words? “Thank you so much for all your time and effort in being an inspiration to people like me, who love to eat – but who also love to feel good about themselves. Ya’ll ROCK. Thank you” — Donna R., Dishing With Donna

We are SO grateful for all her kindness and for sharing her transformation story as PROOF that literally ANYONE can do this. Even if you think your job “gets in the way,” let Donna show you that there’s always a way to make time for health and fitness. Schedule it, just like anything else that is important to you, find a guided program to follow, and connect with other inspirational people who are doing the same to keep yourself motivated!

Not sure where to start? Check out our 12-week contest, happening RIGHT NOW! Click here for details.

What’s Donna’s next step? She will be joining us in the Slim for Summer Contest and will begin to incorporate our 12-week structured strength training program into her plan. We are so excited for what comes next for her. Make sure to follow @dishingwithdonna on Instagram and check out her Facebook page to follow along with her journey, and to get inspired to start your own. 🙂