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Happy Cinco De Mayo!

We are so excited to share two of our favorite skinny drink recipes. Especially one that’s perfect for Cinco De Mayo… MARGARITAS!

I mean come on, who doesn’t love a good marg?

And let’s have a little real talk right now…

As your trainers we want you to be able to live a life of balance and that means having a drink or two occasionally!

In fact, studies have shown women who moderately drink (about 1-2 drinks per day) actually have a lower body fat percentage and are less likely to yo-yo.

No one likes restriction, and it never lasts! So, if you enjoy a glass of wine or cocktail occasionally, that’s great! DRINK IT! Don’t restrict!

The more you restrict and set “rules” around food, the more you set yourself up for failure. You can only restrict for so long before you cave, and usually go completely overboard.

Instead, find a healthy balance where you make healthier versions of the foods (or drink a cocktail) you enjoy. And, when it comes to alcohol it’s pretty easy to make healthy substitutions. Skip the pre-made sugary mixes and sweeten with fresh fruit & citrus instead.  

With that in mind, here’s our “Skinny” Margarita Recipe from our latest Skinny Drinks Guide

Skinny Margarita


And we just can’t hold back on our other favorite… Strawberry Mojitos!

Strawberry Mojito


Lots of love from your trainers,

Sara & Liz.


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