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8 Exercises You Can Do At Home | Workout Without Equipment or Weights

8 simple bodyweight exercises for home workoutOne of the biggest excuses people often have surrounding exercise is that they “don’t have time” or “can’t afford a gym membership.” Whether or not this is true doesn’t really matter.

Everyone, and we mean EVERYONE, can do some kind of exercise from the comfort of their own home. 

There is no need for expensive equipment when it comes to being healthy and fit. Yes, some equipment can certainly help, especially if you need to break through a plateau or have big goals of becoming a power athlete someday…

But in general for most people, a few simple daily bodyweight exercises can go a long way in your fitness routine. Put your excuses aside and give these moves a try! 

Today we’ve compiled 8 Simple Exercises You Can Do At Home (or from anywhere!) for everyone who is looking for more home workout ideas that don’t use weights or other equipment. 

Watch the short video below to get inspired and gather a few ideas to include in your next home workout routine. 

Puma Pulse XT Super Sister Fitness

Puma Pulse XT Super Sister Fitness

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P.S. For everyone who keeps asking, the shoes, pants & top I’m wearing in the video are all Puma! When I saw their new Pulse XT shoes I really liked them so we partnered up for this post and they sent us a full workout outfit. I’m kind of obsessed with the PANTS! 🙂 It’s the “WT Clash Long Tight” style in case you want a pair.


Normally I never really stop to think about Puma stuff but I actually really like this outfit. Sara’s been wearing the black “ST Watch Me Leave” top to yoga all week too because it has a cute scoop back you can’t see & it wicks sweat away well… So yeah I have to keep telling her “hands off SISTER” lol


The shoes drew my attention because I needed a lightweight trainer and this one is ideal for all high intensity workouts, both indoor and outdoor. The top of the shoe is very breathable and super cute, I’m really feelin’ the grey & white combo! It also has responsive footbed which I’ve found provides the perfect underline to every workout: breathability, resilience, and support.

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This post is sponsored by FitFluential on behalf of PUMA.