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5 Bikini Body recipes



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best juice cleanse

The Best Juice Cleanse

Alright, time to clear up some confusion about the best juice cleanse to go on… Your body has organs specifically made to “detox” your body daily, so NO you don’t need to do a “juice cleanse” and no, that juice cleanse is not actually helping you lose any weight. Nothing makes a good trainer more […]
how to deal with negative thoughts

How to Deal with Negative Thoughts and Being Unmotivated

HOW TO DEAL WITH NEGATIVE THOUGHTS & BEING UNMOTIVATED — A quick note from your trainer, Liz Feeding into those feelings is not only perpetuating your own problem, it’s also justifying other people’s personal inaction too. It’s a spiraling snowball, a big waste of everyone’s time and energy. You have to CHANGE your fundamental mindset so […]

Kiwi Green Smoothie ~ Weight Loss Shakes

Are you getting your greens in each day? An easy way to add in more dark, leafy greens is to just throw it in a smoothie – you literally can’t even taste the greens!  Dark, leafy greens are AHmazing for your skin, energy levels, and weight loss as well as ensuring you’re getting in essential […]
new years weight loss challenge

New Year’s Weight Loss Challenge Deets

December 30th Challenge Email We are The Super Sisters, Liz & Sara, 2 certified fitness trainers and Sport & Exercise Nutrition Specialists that have put together a killer bodyweight program for you to do all month long!  If you’re not signed up yet, do it now! This challenge will help boost your metabolism and burn maximum calories each […]
why should i foam roll

What Is A Foam Roller and Why Should I Use It?

FOAM ROLLERS: Love them or hate them? What is a foam roller? Read this post to find out…  Foam rollers help with myofascial release, a soft tissue therapy used to alleviate and prevent muscle immobility and pain. We’ve outlined more ideas and facts about foam rolling below! While strength training, you should be utilizing myofascial release […]