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How I Went from FAT to FIT in 12 Weeks Flat

How To Get Your Dream Body, Without Starvation or Insane Workouts

By Liz Germain (Super Sister #1)
liz super sisters before and afterMy name is Liz, and I’m one of “The Super Sisters…”


I’m a 29-year-old girl from the Midwest who grew up eating McDonald’s, Burger King and T-Bell. My family’s idea of a healthy meal was plain spaghetti with canned pasta sauce and butter.


So naturally, growing up I became pretty overweight. For most of my life, I was at least 50 lbs overweight, give or take, at any given time.  


I struggled with being “the chubby girl” for decades.


Nobody actually every called me chubby — but they knew it, I knew it… We all knew it. It didn’t need to be said out loud.


Anyway, fast forward to college… 


I started dating this guy whose ex-girlfriend was the exact opposite of me looks-wise. She was tall, thin, gorgeous and had legs for days. Her collar bones leaped out of her chest, her arms were perfectly toned and her stomach was flat, lean and fit-looking.


NOTE: This is kind of embarrassing to admit, but whatever. If it helps you, I’m cool with it because I know I can’t be the only woman who has ever done this.


Here’s the thing — she ate the same exact same foods I did at the time. I once saw her at Noodles & Co. and watched her wolf down an entire bowl of macaroni and cheese with bacon on top. 


Yet my body looked totally different than hers… 


This was a mystery to me. So I became obsessed with figuring out why despite us both eating the same things, she looked so lean and I didn’t — and how I could change it.


What did I do? I did exactly what you’re doing now. I started scrambling around looking for a “silver bullet” plan for how to get all that extra fat off my body so I could look more like her.


I wanted to be able to wear skirts and shorts and show off lean legs I was proud of. I wanted to be able to go out and be carefree, fun & flirty during outdoor adventures — like being at the lake on a hot summer day when (God forbid) I might have to show up in a bikini. 


Most importantly, I didn’t want my guy’s eyes straying away from me and back to her.


I know that sounds kinda weird to say, but come on, you know you do it too — every woman has this same thought cross her mind at some level, whether she’s trying to attract a new man or has been with the same man for 20 years. 


I think it’s just the way our female brains work. Evolution? Natural selection? Doing our part for the continuation of our species or something like that probably…


Anyway, I never said it out loud, but inside my head it consumed me. Comparing myself to this girl definitely wasn’t “healthy” by any means… But here’s what I learned in the process.




How Not To Reach Your Fat Loss Goals


Phase 1 – The Food


Phase 2 – The Workouts




PHASE 1 – The Food.


Everybody always says “Abs are made in the kitchen.” Or maybe you’ve heard this one — “80% of your results come from your nutrition.”


Little old me thought to myself, well great! That’s where I’ll start then. I want to hurry this up and get the most bang for my buck. 


I was in line one day at Rite Aid when I came across a 4-paged light blue brochure about weight loss. I picked it up to see what I could learn from it — after all, this was a medical pharmacy, they have to know about proper weight loss, right?! 


It mentioned that 1 pound = 3500 calories.


Let the games begin…


Before I even left the store, I bought myself a small black pocket notebook, pen attached, where I could start tracking me some food math!


And for the next 2 weeks, I wrote down absolutely everything I ate.


Then, before I went to bed, I Googled how many calories each food had per serving (this was before calorie trackers existed, obviously…). Each night, I added them all up, and circled the number for the day.


After a few days, I started noticing patterns. 


I found out that I was eating around 2000 calories per day on average (2000 x 7 days per week = 14000 calories per week). A weekend splurge could nearly double that number. 


Now I had some solid data and I could really go deep.


Since I had learned that 1 pound = 3500 calories, in my mind, that just meant I needed to slash my food intake in half — down to 1000 calories per day (1000 x 7 days = 7000 calories per week, leaving a 7000 calorie deficit) — and I would achieve 2 pounds of fat loss per week, right




Well, “right”… At first. But then very, very wrong a few months down the road. I’m going to explain exactly what went drastically wrong with my first flawed method and why it almost sent me to the hospital. 


But before I tell you exactly what happened, let me introduce to you Phase 2 – The Workouts. 


PHASE 2 – The Workouts.


Now, at the time, I also thought to myself: “If I’m going to get really thin and lean like her, then I want to do it like NO ONE ELSE has before. I want to be the best at it. I’m going to be even prettier, even leaner, even fitter than her!”


“I’m going to turbocharge my results by adding additional workouts to this calorie counting diet plan so that I will burn an EXCESS of 2 lbs. per week. That’ll give me even faster, better results and NO ONE CAN STOP ME.”




Except for one thing. I had no idea how to actually workout. Remember how I mentioned I grew up in the Midwest? Yeah, so about that… The only “activity” I ever did as a kid was surfing… Channel surfing, that is.


I did a lot of couch dwelling and TV watching back then. But I did know how to walk. And I knew how to run. 


Everyone knows how to run. 


So that’s what I did. I started running… 


And at first, man was I out of shape. I could barely run a mile. I had to walk most of it. But each day, I’d wake up, roll out of bed, strap on my Nikes and remind myself of another number goal I had set for myself — just one mile.


That’s it. One mile. Every day. 


After a few weeks had passed, I started surpassing that one mile. And I soon became obsessed with increasing it.


By month 2, I was running on average 3-5 miles per day. By month 3, make that 5-7 miles. 


AMAZING! Some might say… INSPIRING! Others would message me… “Wow Liz, you look like you’ve lost weight! Congrats!!!”


I was getting all this positive feedback and encouragement. People were noticing and my body was definitely changing. Working out and controlling my food intake like a nazi became almost a source of validation for me for how “together” my life was. 


Keep in mind — adding in all this extra running meant that I was burning an additional 200-500 each day, and sometimes up to 700 calories per day if I threw in a steep hike or hill sprints on top. 


This left my overall calorie intake to a measly 500-800 per day. 


500 calories per day. Yes, you read that right. 


Do you know what happens at that few calories per day? Your body shuts down. 


I didn’t know this yet, but I found out quickly. At that level of intensity and deprivation, your body thinks it’s starving. It essentially starts getting ready for a long, slow death.


Your metabolism comes to a dead halt and if you continue the deprivation and cardio-only exercise routine, it actually starts working against you.


You WILL put the weight back on, the question is just a matter of when. 


I don’t know how my brain didn’t put two and two together that eating 500 calories per day was incredibly wrong and not healthy. It just didn’t.


I wasn’t thinking about the long term, I was thinking about fast results, right now!!! Lose 50 lbs. in 50 seconds!! Let’s GO GO GO!!!!!!!


But why? Why did I think like this?


Why didn’t I take into consideration my overall health while also simultaneously trying to get smaller and fitter? I discovered the one big reason for this mentality while I was on a path to recovery and balance.


Turns out, I had been indoctrinated for years without even knowing it by one simple phrase:


“Calories in, calories out.”


You’ve heard this before too. Everyone tells you to “Eat Less, Move More” if you want to get in great shape. 




In the health industry, in the fitness industry… Shoot, the U.S. government even says to do that. 


But here’s the thing. I did that. I did that really, really well.


And it went WAY wrong. 


After about 3 months, I had unknowingly caused so much damage to my metabolism that the extra weight I lost started rapidly creeping back on. I had lost nearly all of my muscle tone, so not only was my metabolism slower than ever, my body was getting fatter again and now I ALSO felt absolutely exhausted 24/7.


As you can imagine, when that weight started piling back on, I was terrified. 


Not to mention, my crazy workout routine had left me so tired, spacey, barely able to think straight and prone to blackouts. I got a knee injury too, but I don’t wanna throw myself a pity party here…


Now, I know the routine I just described above is extreme and probably not everyone has been down this route (or would even want to get close to it).


But here’s the thing…


Making these huge mistakes led me to realize one GIGANTIC game changer regarding how I worked out and how/what I ate.


It led me to discover that the secret to permanent success (not just another crash diet or intense workout plan like the ones you’re probably doing right now) — the secret to getting a lean, healthy and fit body like the ex-girlfriend’s I told you about — is actually the exact opposite of what you’ve been told for so long. 


It’s not about “Eating Less & Moving More”…


I found out through this super negative experience that actually, you have to Eat More & Move Differently. 


Some might be hearing “Eat More?” and think to themselves, “I’m outta here…” And to those people I will say — good luck! Good luck continuing to calorie restrict, good luck depriving yourself of your favorite foods, good luck staying stuck in the same old rat race you’ve been in.


Enjoy that hamster wheel, honey! 


Because that’s exactly what they want you to do. Who’s “they?” Everyone selling you fitness and diet plans out there. They don’t actually want you to learn the real way to do things because guess what?


Then they’d be out of a job…


They can’t sell you more stuff if you don’t continue to need it (i.e. if you don’t continue to stay on the hamster wheel).


So the advice they’re giving you right now? Yes, you guessed it. It’s specifically designed to keep you flailing your arms, scratching your head and staying stuck, exactly where you are now. 


As a fitness instructor these days, it literally makes me cringe and I wish more women out there knew the real answers without having to go down the same self destructive path I did (as explained above). 


So… for the select few reading this who are looking for a better way to live, a better way to get results, a better way to approach the entire situation… I wrote out a solution for you. 


Listen, I need to get real with you. You’ve got a problem.


You feel fat. Maybe you’re not actually “fat,” but you’re definitely not as fit as you want to be. 


Your clothes fit tightly, your body feels squishy and soft, and you’re self conscious every single day about it. 


And while SOME of it has worked, it’s only kind of  worked.


You lose some weight… but after a while you feel like total crap. You get closer to your goal, but you never quite reach your goal. You’re always short of it. And it’s impossible for you to sustain it — because no human can do that level of work year-round.


So as soon as you ease off the gas a little, suddenly the fat you did lose starts piling back. Which then makes you nervous, and causes you to work even harder, and burn out even harder, and make the cycle worse and worse and worse.


AND IT MAKES NO SENSE BECAUSE ALL THIS STUFF WORKS FOR OTHER GIRLS, RIGHT? You’re following the EXACT same diets. The EXACT same workouts. The EXACT same everything yet their results blow yours away.


Why? Why is that? Maybe if it happened just once, it’d make sense… if it happened twice then maybe you just haven’t found a match yet… but after the third, fourth, fifth, sixth diet & workout combo?


Something else is going on. I’ve been seeing this WAY too much and I want to fix it.


Here’s what’s wrong: The problem isn’t your willpower. The problem isn’t that there’s some inherent “genetic flaw” in your body that has doomed you to this outcome forever.


The problem is not you at all, actually. It’s ironically the fitness industry’s fault. 


Let me explain…


The information I’m about to share with you completely transformed both my life and the way my body looks — not just for 4 weeks, 6 weeks, 12 weeks, etc… but ever since I started applying it. It hasn’t gone away or bounced back. 


This stuff only took me 12 weeks to really “lock in” and make permanent, and I will describe it for you in detail inside of what I’ve called the Bikini Bootcamp plan. 


But first, I’m about to tell you the one HUGE secret the fitness industry doesn’t want you to know.


The workouts, diet plans and all that other stuff they sell you?


Guess what — NO ONE actually works out or eats like that on a regular basis. The trainers in the workout videos don’t workout that hard in real life, and the meal plans they write for you are completely unsustainable.


How do I know? Because when I got fed up with the yo-yo diets, I moved to California, got certified, went deep in the industry and actually made friends with a lot of the trainers you see on the internet now.


They don’t even follow their own plans. They just don’t. 


All of them, and I mean all, focus on the “Eat More, Move Differently” philosophy I stumbled upon by accident, regardless of whether they tell you that or not.


Every single one of them. 


It’s how they sustain their results long term while you stay stuck on what I like to call the Results Roller Coaster.


You get results temporarily, then realize how drastic this workout/diet plan is that you’re doing, and you either A] hit a plateau or B] burn out (or maybe even C] do both). 


When that happens, you’re only days away from tumbling full speed back down to the bottom of the tracks, itching to buy another “quick fix” plan that’ll make it all just go away. 


But it never does.


And you know it never does. 


So what does the “Eat More, Move Differently” philosophy entail? 


It’s all outlined inside the Bikini Bootcamp Member Portal. 


What is Bikini Bootcamp? It’s essentially a step-by-step instruction manual for literally everything you need to do to overcome the fitness & diet crash course you’ve been on and to get off the Results Roller Coaster once and for all. 


I’m going to walk you through the exact progressive, simple exercise routines I do. You can complete the plans one month at a time, and the secret ingredient that ties it all together? Walking. 


Yep, you read right. Walking. 


Walking combined with our secret weapon — CFMs. That’s all you have to do. 


CFMs stands for Compound Functional Movements. It’s entirely different from boring old cardio like running. Entirely different.


And you can do these circuits in 30 mins or less. You’ll be using your entire body functionally, the way it was designed to move. I will show you exactly how and what I mean inside. 


The second portion can’t be ignored either though — Nutrition. 


Don’t worry, I didn’t leave this part out. 


Inside you’ll find the step-by-step system I followed to finally get my food routine under control; it’s the same food plan that allowed me to go from FAT to FIT in 12 weeks flat.


And I’ve kept the weight off every since. Not only that, but eating this way has given me BOUNDLESS energy, better skin than ever, hair that grows faster than my stylist can cut it and shiny, strong, beautiful nails too.


I had to ask my sister for a lot of help in the nutrition department, because back in the old days I was idoctrinated into the belief I had to either A] starve myself or B] eat fake diet foods that taste like cardboard in order to get & stay lean. 


But that’s not true. My sister helped me figure out exactly how to make healthy food actually taste good so that now I not only look forward to, I actually crave the good stuff now.


It took me 12 weeks to “lock in,” but I will show you exactly how you too can eat in abundance.


You won’t have to restrict food or ever count calories again. 


I will teach you exactly how to meet all your nutritional needs in a healthy way that still sheds fat, AND exactly how to still include your favorite treats (because girrrrl, hey, I told you… I’m from the Midwest. I love me some french fries and a chocolate sprinkled donut sometimes, and that ain’t goin’ away)…


The good news is, if you’re like me and you have a few favorite “unhealthy” foods too, guess what? You don’t have to cut them out.


I will show you exactly how to KEEP THEM IN and create an abundance mentality around your food so you never feel like you’re on a diet again. You never have to “cut foods out” or be that weirdo carrying around tupperwares to your lunch meetings. 


All of these answers and more are just waiting for you inside. 


Though I wish I could give this info out for free, because I’ve dedicated a certain number of hours each week to check in with private members and answer their questions directly (yes, me… me directly… not a robot or a support team somewhere in Bangladesh) — I do have to put a price tag on this so I can keep the group small and manageable. 


I only want people inside who are fed up. Done with the rat race, done with the Results Roller Coaster. 


If you want to stay stuck & keep buying plan after plan, don’t get access below. Please, just don’t. This isn’t for you. 


But if you’re finally fed up with mediocre, up-and-down results and you’ve become totally overwhelmed by all the misinformation and unsustainable plans out there… 


This is the plan for you.


I’m so confident in that statement that I will return your money if you don’t agree. Bikini Bootcamp members are the real deal. They’re the people who are actually changing their life, not just for 4, 6 or 12 weeks. But forever.


The plan inside is the answer. It’s the remedy to the Results Roller Coaster, and if you’re ready for it, I want to give it to you.


I live to help people unlock their potentials, and I can’t wait to help you do the same. Looking forward to meeting you.


See you inside,

Super Sister Fitness Fat Burning Foods

Sara Germain, NSCA-CPT, Pn1, RYT (left)
& Liz Germain, NSCA-CPT, Pn1 (right)

Liz and Sara are the co-founders of Super Sister Fitness. Over the last 24 months Liz and her sister, Sara, have: Invested over $10,000 in fitness certifications and courses, Written 5 comprehensive clean eating cookbooks, Created 3 women’s fitness programs, Filmed hundreds of workout videos, Crafted thousands of healthy plant-based recipes, Inspired tens of thousands of unique visitors, and Helped change the landscape of the fitness industry for women. Liz and Sara’s work with Super Sister Fitness has so far impacted over 174,000 women in 32 different countries and counting.