Quiet Workout At Home!

with Jessica Joy

Today’s instructor is Jessica Joy, who’s a certified personal trainer, group fitness instructor and mom of two beautiful children. She’ll be sharing this QUIET WORKOUT with us, which is perfect and exciting! Buckle up ladies!

This quiet workout at home is the best silent workout for an apartment! If you need an apartment friendly workout or just want a no jumping workout, this is for you 🙂 This is also great for new moms who don’t want to wake the baby!

For today’s workout, all you need is a mat because this one’s a Yoga inspired workout. First, make sure you warm up for 3-5minutes before jumping into this workout. This will take 45 seconds each exercises, take 15 sec. to rest in between. Let’s get started!

Down Dog Lunge Combo – Get to your down dog position, right leg up then gracefully sweep your leg fully under your body to a little lunge. While on that position, quietly clap your hands under that right leg (see image below) Bring your right leg up again, back to the starting position, and repeat with your same leg for 45 sec. After that, do it with your left leg, for another 45 sec.

Sweeping Side Lunge Combo – Bend both your knees into a slightly squat position. Sweep to the side lunge, raising your left arm up and then your right arm. Carefully sweeping it over, then move to a plank position, both your hands on the ground. Then right back to sweeping both arms, one by one. Repeat for 45 sec.

Twisted Chair Squat – Take your hip apart, take it to a chair post. Reach your arms overhead and hold your palms together as you twist your chest down toward your knees. You can even add a little open arm, then return to center and then stand up. Alternate sides, repeat.

Reverse Warrior to Low Lunge – Begin by bending both your legs wide apart, placing your right foot forward pointing directly out and the other foot pointing forward. Lunge into the left front leg and then raise your left arm towards the ceiling then slowly windmill down using both arms to a low lunge, placing both hands on the ground. Carefully windmill up to a reverse warrior position, then back down. Keep your feet planted. After doing this for 45sec. move on to theotherside, left foot forward pointing out and right foot pointing forward. Again, for 45sec.

Side Planks with Flip – Start in a plank position, your left leg stretched above the floor and your right leg bended in a 90degrees angle placed at the back of your left leg. Raiseyour right arm up while doing 3 waist dips. When you hit the top on the 3rd dip, you sweep open lifting your right arm up to the ceiling. Repeat this side for45sec. then move to the other side for another 45sec.


That’s it! You can now enjoy working out without having to worry about the noise and waking up the BABY! 🙂

Once complete, check in with us over on Instagram! We want to hear from you. You can let us know you’re done by tagging #SSFsweatsquad and/or @supersisterfitness

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