Ready for some Halloween candy damage control?

Good timing! The 2014 Holiday Survival Guide is finally here!!! It’s only available for a very VERY limited time this year so keep reading…


This Healthy Holiday PDF ebook provides:

  • 40+ healthy recipes for having a skinny holiday!
  • learn how to make gluten free, dairy free, delicious fat burning foods
  • a 10-item supply inventory to prepare you for cold weather
  • our top winter MUST-HAVES for women’s fat loss and fitness
  • the best trainer strategies and tips to avoid winter weight gain

We even teach you how to survive the junk food maze at the office, at family gatherings, and holiday parties too!


You can still enjoy eating all the classic holiday traditional treats, and this guide teaches you how to do it WITHOUT bloating, weight gain or guilt!

This year’s LIMITED EDITION Holiday Survival Guide gives several options to make your meals gluten and dairy free. We’ve included TONS of new plant-based recipes that taste so good your family will be SHOCKED by how healthy they are!

When you get your copy of this guide, you’ll instantly start learning how to make your favorite holiday treats the healthy AND tasty way!

The recipes in the guide are all low calorie, clean, refined sugar free and nutrient packed to support your fat-loss goals this winter. #yes!!

Skip the “Standard American Diet” (aka, the SAD diet) this year for the holidays and remove the barriers to your success with our easy holiday recipes this year.

PS… Anyone can do this! We are not chefs, nor are we trained in culinary processes AT ALL! We didn’t even know how to cook anything other than a TV dinner up until a few years ago.

If we can do it, SO CAN YOU. Get your copy now.

The holidays can often be a time of complete overwhelm when it comes to nutrition.

You don’t want to miss out on all the holiday goodies but you also don’t want to go overboard because you know that can lead you down an endless spiral to holiday fat-town! 😉

This guide is your solution.

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You can get massive savings by buying it as part of a bundle!

You have 2 choices here — The BUNDLE Pack or the full-on DELUXE Pack

Bundle Pack includes:

Holiday Survival Guide (regularly $20) for just $15
+ the LEARN Meal Guide (regularly $47) for only $27
= that’s $25 in savings!!

DELUXE Pack includes: (BEST DEAL!!)

Holiday Survival Guide (regularly $20) for just $15
+ the LEARN Meal Guide (regularly $47) for only $20
+ the UPDATED 6-week Bikini Bootcamp Workout Plan (regularly $49.99) for only $37
= that’s $45 in savings!!!

Women of all ages have had such incredible fat loss results by following the LEARN Meal Guide for easy weight loss in addition to our structured Bikini Bootcamp workout plans. Click here to read testimonials or check out the #gobikini community on Instagram for more.

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Holiday Survival Guide

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Bundle Pack

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Deluxe Pack BEST VALUE

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Who are the Super Sisters?

The Super Sisters, Liz & Sara Germain, are two internationally known leaders in women’s fitness and NSCA-Certified Personal Trainers/fitness instructors. 

They both hold degrees from University of California schools and have over 5 years experience training and teaching fitness at some of the biggest fitness facilities in the world, including UCLA’s John Wooden Center, The Training Club and Santa Monica’s premiere Triathlon Training Center. Together they’ve written over 10 healthy cookbooks, one comprehensive, plant-based nutrition guide/meal guide, and 3 comprehensive women’s strength training fat loss programs.

Currently these sisters publish their own fitness lifestyle blog,, while inspiring a worldwide following of women with their healthy plant-based recipes, women’s fitness workouts and a positive approach to life.

What is an ebook? 

An ebook is a PDF document that you can download immediately and save on your computer or mobile device for future reference. It never “expires” and you can access it for the rest of your life. 

Will this be delivered to my house? 

No, this ebook will not be delivered to your home. You will be sent an email after your purchase is confirmed which contains a download link for you to access the ebook.

Can I give this as a gift?

Yes! You can send our ebooks as gifts to other people if you enter their email in at the time of purchase. However, please note they may be able to see how much you paid for the program as we are not able to provide “gift receipts” at this time.

How do I access my ebook?

You MUST have Adobe PDF Reader installed in order to access the download. We also recommend using Google Chrome, the fastest web browser we know of, to download the programs.

Are these recipes gluten free?

YES! Most of the recipes included in the Holiday Survival Guide are gluten free! You will know if it is gluten free by the “GF” symbol included in the guide.

Are these recipes dairy free?

YES! Most of the recipes included in the Holiday Survival Guide are gluten free! You will know if it is gluten free by the “DF” symbol included in the guide.

If I am vegetarian/vegan, will these recipes fit my lifestyle?

YES! This guide is completely conducive to living a vegan/vegetarian lifestyle! We’ve included recipe substitutions and special dietary tips, just for vegans/vegetarians in the guide. You’ll know if it is vegan by the “V” and “VS” symbols included in the guide.

If I am a meat and dairy eater, will these recipes fit my lifestyle?

YES! This guide is completely conducive to your meat/dairy lifestyle! Though we do not include many meat/dairy recipes, you can easily add in your own meat and dairy substitutions to each of these recipes without changing them very much. For example, if a recipe calls for “tempeh bacon” you will just use regular turkey bacon instead. 

Do I need any special kitchen tools to make these recipes?

No! A standard kitchen usually has everything you need to make these easy, healthy recipes. There is no special equipment or skill required.

If I live in college dorms, is this guide good for me?

Since you need access to a kitchen, this guide may not be suitable for college students living in the dorm. That is, unless you’re planning to go home for the holidays to cook your meals! If that’s the case, then yes this guide can help you.