Winter Workouts – The 12 Days of Christmas

Enjoy the first of our Winter Workout series: The 12 Days of Christmas Workout! We had so much fun putting this together for you, it’s as easy as 1-2-3. Gather up your friends and a resistance band and give it a shot!

Make sure to keep your core engaged throughout every exercise and always complete a warmup before you begin. A few tips: roll gently into your candlestick position. For more of a challenge, raise your arms above your head. Strive to lengthen your body in this static exercise by pointing your toes towards the ceiling and extending your hips as much as possible. For your mountain climbs, the faster you “climb” the more calories you burn and the more challenging it will be for your core, but pace yourself so you can make it through the entire two minutes with good form. You could also do your mountain climbers interval-style (15 second sprint, 10 second rest, etc) or you could just step-tap instead of rapidly alternating the feet for an easier modification. For the penguins, the wider apart your feet are on the band, the harder the exercise will be. A band is not necessary if you are a beginner, and 3 minutes is a long time to do these so take breaks as needed.

So if your Christmas wishes include a healthier body and firmer physique, consider this the gift that will keep on giving… to your core, glutes, and thighs that is!

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