Healthy Habits Calendar ~ October 2013

Here it is! For all you guys and ghouls looking for a fun health & fitness challenge this month, see if you can follow our Healthy Habits calendar below. Share It, Print It, Pin It & Use It to enhance your current routine! We put ours right on the fridge and it acts as both a cute Halloween decoration AND daily motivation to stay healthy this month. If you’re ready to take it to the next level, we are also running a FREE Lean Halloween Challenge this month which includes 4 weeks of fitness and food tips, weekly email challenges with prize giveaways, PLUS a free Halloween Handbook download with 10 Hauntingly Healthy Recipes, our Top 5 Tips for a #leanhalloween, 2 BONUS workouts and another workout tracking schedule for you to follow. Read more details by clicking here… if you DARE!! 😉

Click the image above to print.

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