Congratulations #gobikini girls!

This year’s Bikini Bootcamp Challenge was incredible! Big props to everyone who made it through the full 12 weeks of workouts and support. You ROCKED it!

We received a handful of incredible submissions this year and we already cannot wait for next year! Why oh why does this challenge have to end?! 😉

This year was a lot more “quiet” than last year… But that’s because we’ve been HARD AT WORK putting together a TON of new video content and upgrades for next year’s challenge.

Make sure you subscribe to our YouTube channel so you get all the free workouts we’ve made for you now that bootcamp is officially over, and DEFINITELY keep in touch because next year we’re hoping to make this challenge 100% video based! [insert crazy excited smiley face here]

This year’s BB2 winner is going to receive:

  • 1 box of Health Warrior Chia Bars
  • 1 Free SSF tank top
  • 1 box of Rise Bar Protein Bars
  • A free lifetime membership to the new and improved Super System for Fat Burning Metabolism (more details coming very soon, we are launching it this Thursday!)
  • Okay… so… Drumroll please… 🙂

    Here comes the winner!

    Elisabeth L.

    “Wow, it’s the “end” but it’s really only the beginning for me.

    I started out this challenge thinking I wanted to look better in my bathing suit (mission accomplished, by the way) but HOLY CRAP has it turned into so much more than that. Now, looking good good in my bathing suit is just a by-product of believing in my body and what it is capable of, how far I can push myself, how strong I am, and how much more my body has the potential to do. I see myself as an athlete, instead of an aesthetic product for other people.

    What I am most proud of/ my favorite thing:

    I grew up surrounded by women , and still come across them in everyday life, who put themselves down, count calories, and worship the scale. I am forever indebted to you guys for helping me to break that cycle for my future daughters and set me on a path of praising my body for its strength and beauty.  My body was made to live and interact with an incredible and beautiful physical world where I go on arduous hikes, practice headstands and back bends on the beach,  go on long runs with my dogs on trails, and lift my 50 pound nieces and nephews from deep squats, above my head so they can touch the sky. My body is getting stronger in its core, steadier, more flexible, and more beautiful to me in theory, which is the KEY.

    This is the very tip of the iceberg for me, the first step in a long journey of self-love, athleticism, and challenging my body to reach its peak performance, and thus ward off disease and sickness through health. Calling it “bikini bootcamp” just doesn’t sum up what I have discovered about myself!! haha… I almost feel silly sending these pictures of me in my bathing suit because the transformation has been far deeper and far more long lasting and that is my favorite thing about this program. I hope to know you for a long time and follow you along this pathway– you’re both magical and inspirational and I can’t wait for the next chapter.

    Elisabeth L.