Bikini Body Arms

A few of you have emailed us on how to progress some of the movements from today’s Bikini Bootcamp Chest/Shoulders/Triceps workout so here you go!


– Once you’ve mastered the push-up on your knees by leading with your chest (not your head), then progress it to a full push-up on your toes. Be sure your shoulders are stacked over your wrists.

– To challenge yourself in a full push-up, add in a few mountain climbers between each rep.


– Start with your knees bent, then slowly progress your feet farther away from you until your legs are fully extended. The further your legs are away from your body, the more difficult the movement.

– Once you’ve mastered the tricep dip with your legs fully extended, try lifting one leg at a time to increase the difficultly.

As always, quality over quantity ~ complete as many reps in the advanced versions as you can with safe form. If you’re not part of the program, you can still do these exercises to target and tone your upper body!

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