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August 2015 Fitness Challenge Calendar

Here it is!

Your Healthy Habits Free Fitness Challenge calendar for August 2015.

We have switched these up a bit so now each day is a CLICKABLE LINK to an actual workout video or recipe post! This way it’s easy for you to stay on track each day. It’s time to get your healthy sweat on with these daily fitness & nutrition challenges that anyone can add to their current routine. 

Feel free to challenge a friend and see how many days you can do this month! We like to print ours and put it right on the fridge as a daily reminder of our commitment to our health & fitness goals, but it’s also a good idea to use the links provided each day, so keeping this PDF on your phone is a great option too! 

Share It, Print It, Pin It & Use It to enhance your current routine!!

Download Your Free Fitness Calendar


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