6 Wk Bikini Bootcamp HIIT Add-On

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ARE YOU READY?! It’s Bootcamp time baby! Try this Tabata sequence first thing out of bed Monday morning. We DARE you to challenge your friends too. 😉 😉 


Get your booty in gear because it’s about to be GO TIME!! 

First thing outta bed!! ☀️☀️ #noexcuses

1 or 2 rounds TABATA: Alternate exercises as follows…
-20 sec Squat Jacks
-10 sec Rest
-20 sec Mtn Climbers
-10 sec Rest
REPEAT that sequence 4 times at max effort with safe form

This is a sneak peek from our bonus Add-On this year, and FYI it’s the last week to register for the 2nd Annual Bikini Bootcamp Contest beginning April 1 so don’t delay.

The Bikini Bootcamp Contest is 100% free, but you do need to get your program materials ready. Visithttp://GoSuperSisters.com/2nd-annual-bikini-Bootcamp-contest to read more details and register now. 

6-weeks to summer bodies, let’s do this! We’d be honored if you tag your friends!! 
Can. Not. Wait!!! Tons of awesome prizes this year, you gals are in for a real treat! ☺️☀️