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My Near Death Experience & What I Learned

I imagine the terror I felt in our crashing car is the same terror a person in a crashing plane would feel.  A completely helpless knowing that today is going to be your last day.  A frantic, panicked mess of emotions coursed through my veins as everything around me slowed down and eerily raced towards our fast approaching death.   […]

Booty Band Workout | Exercise Band Workout

Wowzers, what a month it’s been! Just a little recap: I got married to my best friend. Check the pictures I posted on Facebook here (more to come with a full recap and details about the Bridal Bootcamp program): Liz spent a week at the YouTube creator camp learning from the pros on how to […]

Super Sister Fitness Bikini Bootcamp 2016 | Transformation Stories & Prize Winners!

What an AWESOME 12 weeks we’ve shared together bootcamp crew! Every single person that participated in the Bikini Bootcamp Challenge this year has totally knocked it out of the park.  This challenge is not just about making physical changes, it’s also about making mindset shifts, major breakthroughs and creating long term healthy lifestyle habits that can carry […]

5 Benefits of SUP Boards | SUP Yoga San Diego

Stand up paddle boards (SUP) offer a fun, relaxing way to play on the water this summer.  Plus it’s great exercise! We partnered with MixCala SUP Boards to shed some light on the amazing benefits of SUP Boards. 5 Benefits of Stand Up Paddle Boards 1) Full Body Workout SUP is great workout that will burn mega calories. […]

Zucchini Squash Lasagna | Healthy Dinner Recipes

Want to know the secret trick to making Italian food, like lasagna, healthy? Look, I’m sure you already know that eating white pasta and spaghetti is pretty much completely void of nutrition, and is super heavy on the carbs. And I’m sure you would agree that pasta doesn’t often have much of a taste… In […]

Detox Yoga Flow | Yoga for Detox & Digestion

Did you know you can actually use yoga for detox & improving your digestion? I know what you’re probably thinking…. yeah right! I used to think so too, until I started noticing the benefits a regular yoga practice had on my digestion. Now let’s talk about digestion for a minute, shall we? Bloating & Constipation Okay, now […]